Clinic now open!!!

We now provide in-clinic therapy to compliment on-field and in-home injury management.

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Sports Injuries

Injury assessment/treatment. Hands on Physio - dry needling, massage and joint mobilisation/manipulation

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Situated in beautiful Hervey Bay, Physio Nomad is an innovative approach to Physiotherapy combining on-field, in-home and in-clinic therapy. This approach allows people to receive services when and where it matters.

Expect to receive the physiotherapist's undivided attention throughout your 45min Initial Consultation and subsequent consultations of 30 minutes. This ensures a quality and comprehensive assessment giving you the best chance of getting back doing the things you love as soon as possible. Physio Nomad provides a holistic model of care specific to you and your injury or condition combining hands-on treatment, tailored exercise programs and further referrals to other health professionals as required. Physio Nomad provides a much needed boost to the stretched healthcare system struggling to accommodate the ever growing population on the Fraser Coast.

Our Clinic

Our In-Clinic Physiotherapy sessions include a thorough initial consultation, diagnosis of your condition and/or injury and comprehensive and holistic treatment including dry needling, massage/trigger point release, joint mobilisation/manipulation, muscle energy techniques, taping and strapping, tailored exercise programs and education, sport specific warm up/cool down program and cryotherapy.

Sports Physiotherapy

Our On-Field Physiotherapy sessions include sports specific rehab, technique analysis/modification, taping and strapping and cryotherapy.

In Home

In-Home Physiotherapy sessions allow people who struggle to leave their home to benefit from a quality physiotherapy service. Whether its because you have young children or have substantial pain limiting your mobility, Physio Nomad can help. We take away the difficulty and inconvenience of waiting rooms and travelling to an appointment.  


The Physio Nomad Clinic is coming soon!! This will complement on-field and in-home injury management with a comprehensive range of treatments and gym facility available.